25 декабря 2019 в 00:00
Stalker tour with an overnight stay (2 days) in Chernobyl
What is the difference between a stalker tour and an official one?-
You will not be shown what we show you!
There will be a translator for the duration of the tour.
Excursion from 1 to 4 people
Schedule a date for an early 1-3 weeks
Price $ 150 for 1 person
50 $ prepayment for 1 person
Cancellation of the excursion is possible 7 days before the date of the
planned excursion - the advance payment is returned, but all bank
transfers at your expense are withdrawn. $ 50 - upon cancellation you will
receive $ 45-47
A dosimeter will be issued to each participant of the tour
What is included in the price of $ 150 ?:
50 $ -I`m a stalker
50 $ -Translator
50 $ -Water, Food, Equipment
We made 297 successful trips. 9 unsuccessful.- (patrol caught) - money
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