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24 марта 2018 в 12:57
First iplikator was invented in Chelyabinsk in Russia by Ivan Ivanovich
Kuznetsov. I. Kuznetsov suffered for a long time from chronic kidney
disease, but classic treatment did not help him. After long lasting and
ineffective treatment, doctors practically admitted that they could not
improve his health condition. But I. Kuznetsov did not give up. After a
slight improvement of health condition ( which occurred after treatment
by specialists in acupuncture), he studied all available literature on
Chinese and Tibetan medicine , whereupon he constructed his first
iplikator – device acting by lots of sharp spikes on the body, which after
several applications brought him a noticeable improvement in health
conditions. Doctors who previously considered treatment of Kuznetsov
non-perspective, studied with interest RTG pictures from the time before
and after use of iplikator. They found that Kuznetsov completely healed.
Kuznetsov showed to surprised doctors, who previously considered him
hopelessly ill, his invention: the strip of white rubber with stuck sewing

Doctors advised him to present his invention in Moscow at the Ministry of
Health, but they only mocked his provincial invention. But it did not stop
him. Over the next ten years I. Kuznetsov treated people, condemned by
official medicine, and carefully describes each case in his diaries. He thus
gathered extensive information and came back to Moscow. I. Kuznetsov
asked distrustful members of the commission at the Ministry of Health,
who assessed the invention, for the opportunity to help hopelessly ill
person. The patient was a civil servant, who after full recovery helped his
rescuer to promote iplikator. I. Kuznetsov thus became a known healer. In
1980, I. Kuznetsov together with a team of VNIIFK scientists, (Scientific –
Research Institute of Physical Culture in Moscow) received a patent
certificate of authorship no. 791378 for „device – iplikator to increase
human performance“. Researchers I. Kuznetsov and Z. L. Nagiev proposed
methodology for its use. This method will be called by doctors in future as
„needle – massage“ or needle-application, which means exposure of
certain part of the body to large amount of sharp spikes. Needle
application method has become a new kind of therapeutic and
prophylactic restorative massage, which can be used to treat acute pain
and at extended use to obtain a permanent healing effect. Since metal
needles of iplikator could not be used at home, they constructed in the
scientific – research institute of physical culture in Moscow a iplikator
from non-toxic plastic as analog to metal needles – module with a
relatively sharp needles, but which excluded a possible perforation of the
skin. Iplikators with metal needles 8 mm apart from each other were
replaced by plastic spikes (with height of 5 mm, spike base diameter 1
mm) certificate of authorship no. 986422, 1667863, 30118, patent 30118
– patent owner A. N. Nekrasov.

Since 1987, many medical facilities tested a new kind of Iplikator and it
was subsequently approved by the Ministry of Health of the USSR.
Iplikator thus became available to a wide range of consumers.
Approximately 100 enterprises in the USSR began producing Iplikator;
about 70 million pieces were produced. Thus, almost every family in the
former USSR had iplikator in their home medicine cabinet.

I. Kuznetsov was not a doctor, therefore he lacked basic clinical
knowledge, but thanks to the natural feeling he initiated a new direction
of physiotherapy, subsequently supported by many doctors.
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